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Carpet Binding In The Tri-State Area

Carpet binding is sewn onto the edges of the carpet to keep the edges looking trendy and neat. Carpet binding can serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. It can be used to create custom rugs, runners, and welcome mats. Carpets To Go offers a wide range of in-house carpet binding services. 

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Serging is a spun thread sewn along the edge of the carpet. You can see it on custom area rugs, decorative runners, and elegant oriental rugs. Carpet serging offers a high-end, hand-sewn edge. Serging is not something that most flooring retailers offer in-house, but at Carpets To Go, we do!

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Fringing is a popular way to finish runners and rugs. Carpet fringing helps to add long tassels to the edges of a round, rectangular, or square rug. At Carpets To Go, we stock four different types of fringe to finish carpets. We can re-fringe a rug as well. 

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Nailhead binding offers a unique blend of style and functionality in the home. Nailhead offers an industrial look and can also serve as an effective binding method. Carpets To Go is forever working to improve our binding services and provide our customers with new and exciting options. 

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Wide Cotton Binding

Wide cotton binding offers a unique look and feel while adding an attractive border to your custom area rug. This can be done in either cotton or leather. 

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Custom Carpet Binding

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Carpet binding is a material that is sewn onto the outer edges of the carpet to keep the border clean and neat. The color of the fabric is typically matched to the rug so the edge is not noticeable, but can also be selected for intentional contrast. It adds a tailored look and a classic, elegant finish that holds up to heavy foot traffic and vacuuming.

Depending on the style desired, the binding can be subtle or wide. Wide cotton binding offers a distinct look and feel and adds an elegant border to your custom area rug. This application is used mainly on lower pile carpets. It creates a border effect in either cotton or leather.

Custom Stair Runners to Fit Your Space

Carpets To Go is your neighborhood stop in the Tri-State Area for the custom stair runner of your dreams. You can choose any style, color, pattern, texture, and shape and size to create a quality runner that is completely unique. Trust our experts to create a quality product that will be beautiful in your home.

Stair runners are most often put into place for protective purposes to ensure the longevity of the materials beneath them. They take on the brunt of daily wear, especially if you have pets, children, or both, and custom stair runners keep the space looking great for a long time. Custom stair runners also add beauty to the staircase, offering stunning décor matches and exciting visuals.

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