Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Keep your hardwood flooring looking its best by following our care & maintenance guide. 

Daily hardwood care

Hardwood is a low-maintenance flooring option; thus, it shouldn't require too much care to look great for years to come. By establishing a care & maintenance routine for your hardwood flooring, you help to ensure that it retains its beauty for a long time. 

Sweeping away dirt and other debris with a broom is vital to prolonging the lifespan of your hardwood. Dirt, dust, and other debris brought in from the outdoors can lead to premature aging, scratches, and a shoddy appearance for your hardwood if left unattended. You should sweep as often as the foot traffic in the room requires. 

You can also wet mop your hardwood flooring for a deeper clean. Ensure that you do not use too much water when doing so, as it could warp the hardwood. 

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Hardwood Dirt & Debris

Solid messes, like dirt and debris, can be swept up with a broom or mopped away for a deeper clean. The key to solid messes like this is to address them immediately after they occur. The longer you wait to handle messes on your hardwood, the more likely it is that lingering damage could occur. Consult our team for hardwood maintenance questions. 

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hardwood Spills & Stains

Liquid spills on hardwood flooring can be wiped up with a cloth. It's that easy! Hardwood's ability to take on liquid messes with stains or lingering damage is one of its more desirable traits. When an accident takes place on your hardwood, address it immediately. For questions, contact our team!