Hardwood Installation In The Tri-State, NJ, Area

Learn more about our hardwood installation process at Carpets To Go.

Before Hardwood Installation

Here is what you should expect before your hardwood installation with us:

  • Remove all furniture from the rooms in question.
  • You should also consider if your old flooring will need to be removed.
  • Complete any painting work.
  • Have a waste management plan.
  • Ensure pets or children are not present.
  • We will complete a walkthrough with you to answer any questions that you might have.
Lady moving sofa | Carpets To Go
Hardwood Installation | Carpets To Go

During Hardwood Installation

Expect the following during your hardwood installation with us:

  • Your existing flooring may need to be removed, and your subflooring may need to be prepared. We will discuss this with you before the installation.
  • For a glue-down hardwood installation, adhesives will be spread on your subflooring, and hardwood planks will be laid individually. Your crew will cut the hardwood pieces to fit the room's layout while ensuring no gaps exist.
  • For a nail-down hardwood installation, a similar process will be followed as the glue-down installation, but the crew will use nails instead of adhesive. Timelines will vary depending on which installation option is used.
  • We will clean up and assess the installation work.
Hardwood Installation | Carpets To Go

After Hardwood Installation

After your hardwood installation with us, you can expect the following:

  • Your crew will walk you through the installation, answering any questions that you might have.
  • Run a fan for 24 hours to remove unwanted smells.
  • Allow the materials to settle before walking across your new flooring.
  • Contact us as needed.