Laminate Care & Maintenance

Follow our laminate care & maintenance guide to keep your floors looking great for years to come. 

Daily laminate Care

Basic care and maintenance will ensure that your laminate floors age well as the years pass. By establishing a care routine for your laminate floors, you can provide them with the daily maintenance required to guarantee beauty. 

Sweeping is the easiest way to keep your laminate floors looking great daily. Sweeping helps to remove dirt, dust, and other debris that can cause damage to your laminate floors if left unattended. How often you sweep will depend on the general usage of the room(s) in question, but you should plan on doing so every couple of days. 

You can also damp-mop your laminate floors for a deeper clean. Be wary of using too much water when you do so, as it could lead to warping and potential laminate damage. 

Laminate Care | Carpets To Go
Laminate Care | Carpets To Go

laminate Dirt & Debris

When solid messes take place on your laminate floors, it is a best practice to sweep them up. The longer you wait to address accidents, the more likely it is that lingering damage could occur. You may also damp-mop your laminate floors for a deeper clean as needed. Overall, solid messes on your laminate flooring are not a significant issue. 

Laminate Spill | Carpets To Go

laminate Spills & Stains

When liquid accidents occur on your laminate flooring, the key is to act fast to avoid any lingering damage. Grab a cloth and absorb the substance immediately after it occurs. The longer you wait to address these liquid spills, the higher the likelihood that something will happen to your laminate or the subflooring beneath.