In 2010, the United States was in the midst of one of the worst economic recessions in history. Many businesses capsized under the weight of the sudden downturn, with many more struggling to stay afloat. While most entrepreneurs steered clear of this uneasy and uncharted territory, others viewed the circumstances as a challenge. One of those entrepreneurs is Glenn Scher, the founder and CEO of Carpets To Go.


Prior to launching his company, Glenn was told by many people that this was not the time to invest in a retail business. They pointed to the unstable economy as a deterrent for making such a hefty investment – both mentally and financially. Still, Glenn persevered. Equipped with a dream in his heart and a clear vision of success, these words did not affect his outlook. He pushed forward to accomplish his dream of owning his own flooring store – rooted in the simple ideals of quality inventory, expert installation, and outstanding customer service.


On January 1, 2010, Glenn opened Carpets To Go on Route 9 North in Howell, New Jersey. The company was the culmination of a lifelong dream. After spending his childhood watching and working alongside his parents, who opened their first carpet store in 1973 in East Brunswick, N.J., Glenn always knew that he wanted to follow in his family’s footsteps. His parents’ family-owned operation grew to four stores within five years as Glenn mastered the arts of expert flooring and genuine customer service.


Almost four decades later, Glenn found a large showroom location in Howell, N.J., purchased a forklift, and began stocking quality inventory. His dedication to working harder than anyone else and providing above-and-beyond customer service paid off quickly. Word spread, and the business started to grow.


Glenn Scher has truly continued the legacy of his parents’ family-owned flooring business with Carpets To Go. Today, he works alongside his mother, and his wife, Laura – his high school sweetheart who he married in 1995. Glenn lights up when he talks about his two sons, who are learning the family business just like Glenn did as a boy.


Glenn’s passion for the process and love for working with people has propelled Carpets To Go to become one of the most successful and trusted flooring companies in the state of New Jersey. His commitment to quality, service, and integrity has driven the business forward for 8 years and counting.

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